Urban Development

What We Do

Nearly 30 percent of India’s population lives in urban agglomerations. The fast-paced urbanization in the country, which is closely linked to the overall economic progress, has led the cities to encounter some serious challenges on the socio-economic front such as unemployment as well as the excess load on existing infrastructure in cities like housing, sanitation, transportation, health, education, utilities, etc. In order to upgrade the quality of life of people, especially the urban poor, the surya chandra foundation has been actively introducing new ways and reinventing the existing ways which deal with specific issues.

Our foundation is devising an integrated and demand-driven approach that combines refining urban planning and design frameworks, providing infrastructure upgrading policy and technical guidance, implementing pilot projects for learning-by-doing, and mainstreaming innovations through testing technology solutions to transform India’s urban landscape.

Our interventions are focused on the following broad pillars.

  1. Safe, Inclusive, Resilient, and Sustainable Cities and Regions: Improved policy frameworks focused on inclusive planning and sustainable development through effective and participatory planning instruments at the city and regional scale.
  2. Affordable, Green, and Resilient Housing Environment: Design tools and mechanisms to promote social housing with a focus on energy efficiency and effective waste management strategies.
  3. Promote Safe, Well Planned, and Serviced Neighborhoods: Promote secure and safe livelihoods to enable sustained economic and social mobility. Integrate smart technology and participatory models to improve service delivery for all at the neighborhood scale.
  4. Accountable and Efficient Urban Governance: Strengthen planning, financing, service delivery and monitoring mechanisms to ensure sustained universal access to basic services and resilient livelihoods.
  5. Knowledge Systematization and Learning: Develop capacities and share technical expertise to empower local city authorities to effectively and efficiently mainstream SDG-11 and its linkages in the national and local urban agenda and the needs and expectations of citizens.

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